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The Dunwoody Police Department was founded on April 1, 2009, shortly after the City of Dunwoody was incorporated in December 2008. The Dunwoody Police Foundation was founded in 2019 as a way of supporting the Dunwoody Police Department by providing equipment and training, aid programs, and helping foster partnerships throughout the community. 

With the mission and vision of the organization in place, the Foundation set out to name the first Board of Directors to carry out these important initiatives. Members of the public were named and the first Board of Directors established the Foundation as an organization in support of the important men and women of the Dunwoody Police Department. 

The Dunwoody Police Foundation has found strong partnerships with the Dunwoody City Council and other departments throughout the community. This has been true since the Foundation’s inception. 

The work of the Dunwoody Police Foundation has been important to the effectiveness of the Dunwoody Police Department and the support for the officers and their families. The citizens of Dunwoody support the work of the Department, and the Foundation will continue to serve as the direct arm of that support.

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